About the VISION 0 platform

More than 21,000 people were killed or injured on Czech roads in 2020. For us, the only acceptable number is 0.

About us

We are an association of partners united by the same vision – 0 deaths and serious casualties on Czech roads. We believe that it is failure of the system which is responsible for failure of the individual. We advocate change to the system of road safety in the Czech Republic.

Our activity

As partners of VISION 0, we collaborate on individual projects, share information, experiences and methods, with the aim of establishing systemic and conceptual changes in the field of road safety. 

How we fulfil VISION 0

We know from our own experience that road safety does not lie in the hands of the government alone. Several commercial, research and non-profit organisations also contribute towards it. The VISION 0 platform is a place where these entities are connected. We are joining forces to cultivate a safer environment on Czech roads.


Each and every loss of life is unacceptable. Our vision is 0 casualties in road accidents.


To increase road safety via changes to the system and the behaviour of individuals.


Human life has the greatest possible value and we are responsible for doing our utmost to save it.

Our partners

Partners Together for Vision 0

Platforma VIZE 0, z.ú.
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